Bear Viewing at Icy Strait Point

Gunalchéesh Thank you

Yéil naax xat sitee. I’m Raven. 

Ch’áak’ naax xat sitee. I’m Eagle. 

Wáa sá i yatee? How are you? 

Yak’éi yee xwsateení. It’s good to see you all.

Wutusiteen shayadihéini xóots. We saw lots of brown bears.

Wáa sá kuwatee? How’s the weather?

Gunalche’esh ax x’e’t yisa.aaxi “Thank you for listening to me”

Goos’u I kinaak a’di ka I s’a’axu “Where is your coat and hat?”

Wulikoodze’e “It was amazing”

Naxtoo.aat “Let’s go”

Tsu yei I kkwasate’en “I’ll see you again”

I kutaani wa’a sa’ wootee? “How was your summer?”

Wa’a sa’ sh teedinook? “How are you feeling?”

Tle’l ge’ wa’a sa’ eeti?  “Are you ok?”

Sh tuga’a haaditee yagi’iyi a’t  “We have much to be thankful for”

Kei Kunak’e’in  “It’s starting to get warm”

X’eikazwe’in yei x’akanalxwe’in “The flowers are starting to bud”

Kei kunas.a’at  “It’s starting to get cold”

Daa s’a ye’I ysine ya’a kutaan  “What did you do this summer?”

Sh tugaxat ditee yeexw siteeni  “I am very pleased to see you all”

Gunalche’esh haa xnt yee.aadi  “Thank you all for coming to us”

Junkwa’t Sheeltin  “Take Care”

Gunalche’esh a’y’ y’aa yee tula.aani “Thank you all for your friendship”

Az toow’oo sigo’o ixwsakooqie “I’m happy to know you”

Goox’ sá yéi i yatee? Where do you live?



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