Cultural Experiences at Icy Strait Point

We saw lots of brown bears. Wutusiteen shayadihéini xóots.

How are you? Wáa sá i tuwatee?

Shake hands! Haandéi I jín!

Thank you for helping me. Gunalchéesh ax éet yidasheeyí.

Do you want water? Héen gé ituwáa sigóo?

How’s the weather? Wáa sá kuwatee?

I’m Raven. Yéil naax xat sitee.

I’m Eagle. Ch’áak’ naax xat sitee.

Where do you live? Goox’ sá yéi i yatee?

How are you?  Wáa sá i yatee?

It’s good to see you all. Yak’éi yee xwsateení.

Do you know this person - kóodat xóots du tláa woojaagi


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