Whale Watching at Icy Strait Point
The Cook House Restaurant Burger Hoonah Icy Strait Point

The Cookhouse Restaurant

Waterfront Dining! 

Here is where you will find one of Alaska's most popular dishes, Halibut & Chips! We purchase fresh from the dock Halibut from local suppliers and bring it to your table the way fish is supposed to be eaten, Fresh!  

Speaking of fresh, the Hoonah Fish Taco is something special and has been a local staple for generations, using native fry-bread, add moist fresh local cod, top it off with a chipotle slaw for outstanding taste.

Another dish that you can only get at Icy Strait Point, Caribou Sliders!  We take Alaskan Caribou meat and grill the sliders with onions and cheese. Order the sliders as a main dish or get a plate to sample with your friends or family.   

You can also find real Seafood Chowder, Caribou Chili, Burgers, Salads, Fries and more. 

You can't beat the view from the Cookhouse, keep your eyes open as whales are spotted frequently in the area.  

We are a locally owned business with a local workforce.  80% of our staff are Alaska Natives and shareholders of our partent corporation Huna Totem - Join us on tour - let us show you our home, "We live here!"


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