Bear Viewing at Icy Strait Point
The Landing Zone Bar & Grill

The Landing Zone Bar & Grill

Unsurpassed Views of Icy Strait and Port Frederick!

This venue is just steps away from the worlds largest Zipline ride. This is the perfect place to relax while waiting for friends and family to complete their Zipline tour. Not sure when they will arrive? Keep your eyes on the TV Screen behind the bar to see when your friends step onto the launch platform, you will have plenty of time to step outside to watch their dramatic arrival just a few feet away. While you are waiting you can enjoy beverages from a full bar, Alaskan Beers and a selection of wine. We offer plenty of great menu items including Salmon Dip, Clam Chowder, Caribou (Reindeer) Chili, Hot dogs, Chili Dogs, Nachos and more!



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