Bear Viewing at Icy Strait Point

Fresh Seafood Every Day

We don't just serve you lunch: we will take you through the experience!  

Fresh Dungeness Crab from the local waters of Icy Strait and Port Frederick are taken live to the dock, cleaned while you watch, steamed, and served fresh.  It does not get any better than this!  

Head on down to the Landing Zone Bar & Grill and watch while your Salmon gets filleted, prepared, and then grilled over an alder smoke fire.  This is the best way to cook salmon and it arrives to your table fresh!   The ZipRider landing is just outside the doors and next to our grill!

The historic Cookhouse Restaurant is where the cannery workers ate back in the operational days of the cannery and we are still serving food today!  Fresh Halibut & Chips is our specialty, but we also feature burgers, salmon burgers and our exclusive (you can only get them here) Caribou Sliders.  Order them as a starter and share them with your friends!  Want some authentic local food? Try the Huna Fish Tacos!  This is a spin on a unique dish has been a local favorite for years!


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