Icy Strait Point

Where is Icy Strait Point?

We are located on Chichagof Island in the town of Hoonah, Alaska. We are a short airplane ride from Juneau and also accessible by Cruise Ships and the Alaska Marine Highway system.

Is Icy Strait Point open to the public?

Icy Strait Point hosts over one hundred thousand cruise ship visitors each year and we are open to the general public anytime a cruise ship is in port.

What is there to do at Icy Strait Point?

21 different shore excursions, 3 breathtaking waterfront restaurants, walking trails, free museum, live native show, shopping and the world's largest ZipRider.

What makes Icy Strait Point special?

Our people! Icy Strait Point is owned and operated by Huna Totem Corporation, its shareholders make up an overwhelming majority of our workforce and you can be sure that when you are at Icy Strait Point the people you meet know the real stories because they live here!

Why are there so many whales?

Icy Strait Point is located right around the corner from Point Adolphus, one of the world's premier whale watching destinations. Scores of whales make this their home for the summers and we guarantee whales on every whale watch tour at Icy Strait Point.

Is there shopping available?

Absolutely! The historic cannery buildings have 12 different retail shops, including locally and native owned stores. It is easy to find the right souvenir to bring home to your friends and family.

Are there Bears on the island?

Chichagof Island is home to over 3,500 coastal brown (grizzly) bears, almost two bears per square mile! This is a great place to go in search of these magnificent creatures.

How is the fishing?

The fishing is excellent, the waters around Icy Strait Point offers excellent fishing opportunities. You will find halibut, salmon and stream fishing excursions and the fishing grounds are right around the corner!

Can we get fresh seafood?

Our waterfront restaurants offer some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat. Our Local Dungeness crab are brought up live daily, butchered, cooked and served while you watch! Where else can you watch your fish get filleted, prepared and then cooked over an alder wood smoke fire!

Why do I have to book excursions through my cruise line?

All cruise ship guests are encouraged to book their tours at their cruise lines' websites prior to arrival. We allocate all of our departure times and space to the cruise ship that is in port for the day and control all sales until they arrive at Icy Strait Point. You can't find our tours cheaper anywhere else and if you wait we may be sold out or you may not get the departure time you were wanting.

Are the prices for excursions the same as on the ship?

Yes, they are the same

Do the guides live here?

Yes, for the most part our guides live year round in Hoonah and a large percentage of our guides are from the Tlingit tribe.

Do you guarantee bear sightings, whales, wildlife, and fish?

We do not guarantee bear or wildlife sightings, or that you will catch a fish on our fish charters, we do however guarantee whale sightings on our whale excursions.

Can we get off the bus in town if we are on the Hoonah Sightseeing excursion?

There are several scheduled stops in Hoonah on the sightseeing tour, but we return all guests to the point of departure, which is at Icy Strait Point.

Is there a particular time of day or weather conditions that are better to see bears?

We have found no correlation of bear sightings to weather conditions or to the time of day.

What time of year is best to catch fish?

Halibut and King Salmon can be caught generally all year long; SIlver Salmon (Coho), Reds (Sockeye), Pinks (Humpies) and Chums (Dogs) can be caught in abundance beginning the first of July through September.

What happens if we do not see whales on the Whale Excursion?

You will be given a one hundred dollar cash refund for adults and a fifty dollar cash refund for children.

Can we just rent a bike and not take the Bike Excursion?

We are sorry but we do not have bikes available for individual rental.

What type of bikes do you have for the Bike Excursion?

We have Trek mountain bikes with large tires. They come in sizes medium, large and extra large.

Is the Forest Tram covered?

Yes, the tram is covered and also has clear side curtains that may be dropped when the weather dictates.

Does the Forest Tram go up in the air?

The Forest Tram does no go up in the air. It is a wheeled vehicle pulled by a motored front car.

Can I sit with my family on a tour?

We make every attempt to locate family members together, it is best if you check in at the fish house for you tour early in order to assure your wishes can be accommadated.

I have never kayaked; will I be able to do this trip?

This tour is considered to be moderately strenuous. If you have not kayaked before our experienced guide will give you a very thorough safety briefing and make sure that you are comfortable before departure. The pace is not fast and the group is always kept together. We do have a safety boar that follows the group and arrangements can be made to return you to Icy Strait Point if you are unable to complete the tour.

Where do I leave my stuff if I go on the Kayak adventure, can I take my camera?

There will be lockers available in the Welcome Center to store you belongings and yes you may take your camera, we suggest that you bring a waterproof cover for your camera for those rainy days.

How many people to an ATV?

Two, the driver and passenger. If both participants are licensed drivers one will usually drive out on the tour and the other will drive back.

Do you really need to have a license to drive an ATV?

Yes, it is an Alaska State Law.

How far is the walk on the Spasski River Valley Wildlife and Bear Search, and is it strenuous?

Approximately 800 yards of which most is on boardwalk with the other portion on forest trail. There is a bit of an incline at the end of the trail before re-boarding the bus.

Is " In Alaska's Wildest Kitchen" ADA available?

Yes, we suggest that notification through the Shore Excursion personnel be done early so that we may make any necessary modifications.

What is the minimum age for "In Alaska's Wildest Kitchen"?

8 years old.

Is there something other than seafood to eat at the "In Alaska's Kitchen"?

This tour focuses mainly on the processing and preparation of Alaskan Seafood. If seafood is not your thing, then perhaps another tour would suit your needs better.

Can my 13 year old go charter fishing without me?

Unfortunately you must be 16 years old in order to participate unaccompanied.

Can just two of us go out on a fishing charter boat?

Yes, you must purchase all six available tickets for your particular tour time and then you may fish one to six participants.

Can I go on the fishing boat and just watch my family member fish?

Unfortunately we can not make this accommadation as all six available seats on any boat are for purchase.

Do you have fly fishing gear for your "Stream Fishing" excursion?

There is a limited amount of fly fishing gear available.

Can I keep the fish that I catch?

If you are Stream Fishing, we participate in a catch and release only program. If you are Halibut or Sport Fishing you may pay to have your fish processed and shipped home to you.

How do you get to the top of the ZipRider?

You will travel by bus from Icy Strait Point to your destination on the top of the mountain.

Can a person just go on the bus ride with family members to the top to watch and then return by bus?

This excursion if very popular and the buses are usually full so this is not possible.

How long is the ZipRider?

Our ZipRider is the largest in the world at 5,330 feet.

How high is the ZipRider?

At a vertical height of 1,350 feet, it is also the highest.

How fast do you go and how long is the ride? (ZipRider)

Riders reach a top speed of 60 miles per hour and the ride lasts approximately 90 seconds.

What is the age limit for the ZipRider?

There is no age limit. Maximum weight allowable is 275 lbs and minimum weight is 90 libs.

How long does it take to get to the top of the mountain for the ZipRider?

Transport time from Icy Strait Point to the tower is 45 minutes. A tour through the village of Hoonah is included.


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